Find Inspiration in Yourself


The last couple of weeks, I have been getting over a cold and dealing with just trying to get my motivation in gear. We all have slow days and times we give 110% when we are only feeling 60%. The other day, I was looking over some notes and working on my rewrites for my dissertation proposal and I stopped for a moment. I said to myself: “Look how far I have come since changing gears and going into education over five years ago. Then, I looked at my old Student ID that was taken in early 2010. Looking at it, I said to myself: “I had no idea where things were going to go then.” That’s when it hit me, we can inspire ourselves with a simple photo. You can do this with your classroom.

Simply take an older photo, this can be from years ago to just a few months ago. Write down when that picture was taken, why it was taken and what you accomplished since that photo was taken. Then, similar to a Smile File, when you are feeling down or in need for inspiration, turn to that photo and read what has happened since it was taken and add to it. Find your accomplishments in these photos and I will guarantee you, you will find motivation to great things.


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