Amazon Wishlist Zero

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We’ve heard of Inbox Zero, but have you heard of Amazon Wishlist Zero? Its pretty simple, its getting your Amazon Wishlist completed and empty. We know as both educator and as regular eShoppers, our wish lists can get pretty tedious. Filled with items we both need and want but at times can be out of reach due to any reason. In fact, I have two items right now sitting on my wish list that I have had there for almost eight months. I was about to purchase them and then as we know, life happens and it ends up waiting longer. In the last few months, I have experienced some major life changes both career and health wise. While they have been changes for the better, they did allow me to step back and look at ways to get these necessaries off of without breaking the bank. So, how can you go about getting your Wishlist to Zero?

1. eBooks: Many of us purchase books for our classrooms and for our own professional development, but getting books can get expensive extremely quick. Easiest way is to get an eCopy of the book. They are usually at a much more reduced cost and you can pop a copy up in a second with a quick download. Now, in my case I usually share my copies of books like: Teach like a Pirate, He’s the Weird Teacher, and Genius Hour, so I have gotten hard copies. The best is to look at discount prices. I was able to get six books due to fresh new copies being sold at 3/4 the price. I was also able to purchase three books and even with shipping spent less than $20 for all of them. What’s great about wish lists on Amazon is that there are usually discounts on a daily basis. This usually happens when only a few copies are on the main sales platform or clearance with certain sellers.

2. Smart Bundle: We know that most items on Amazon will get you free shipping if you spend $35 or more on items. The problem is, sometimes we spend more because we get two items to get this free shipping but then end up spending twice what we originally wanted to pay for. If you smart bundle to get to the $35 mark or in some cases the $25 mark, you can save a whole lot. Just this past week, I had to order a protective case for my new Mac Air, but it was only $11. So, I ended up getting some camera lenses and holders for my iPad for my Periscope and tutorials but I still came up $6 short. Even if I just decided to go straight shipping it was going to cost me over $40 for both items instead of adding on a $6 item. Well, luck would have it, I found a Flame Trooper from the new Star Wars movie and hit my $35 perfectly and saved over $12 as a result. Now, I will admit we can’t all just say: “Let’s get something for the collection so we can save $.”
I highly recommend when you are just a few dollars short from hitting the free shipping to look around. Maybe there is a green screen you need for your classroom, or some repair putty you need for your charge chord that only cost a few dollars. There are many items you might not know you need or think they can wait, but you can find them and get something taken off of a future wish list that you need now.

3. Points: Let’s face it, we have a card, key tag or something that gets us points but sometimes we don’t get more than a few dollars or we get so many we don’t know when to use them. Well, Amazon has set ups for point systems and it can end up taking off over half the cost for something you need. I’m about to tie in some lost points I recently got to finally purchase a portable printer for my sessions at school and at conferences. I’ve been needing to get this printer for a long while and now I can finally get it thanks to these points and I plan on using it pretty regularly after it arrives. It gets something I need, saves on $ and gets the item finally off my wish list after almost a year. Check out your points and see if they can be applied to places like Amazon.

These are my top 3 ways to get your Amazon Wishlist to Zero. If you have any other tips, please share them here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Have a great day. ☀️


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