Blab my digital story

I’ve been working with students on creating digital stories lately and a great way to put a little augmented reality with their stories. It’s pretty simple to do.

1. Using Pixlr or related program, set up your story photos. Adding colors, texts or layouts.

2. Using Blabberize, take your images and make them come to life and tell each part of their story.

3. Embed the links from Blabberize into Adobe Slate and use the Glide Feature to overlay your stories. Edit, publish and share. Its a great way to augment your stories and bring them to life.

This works great in a 2:1 program. If you are strictly iPads then use Picsart with Chatterpix and then upload your movies to Google Drive or related cloud server. Then use Adobe Slate. If you are strictly chromebooks, then use Google Slides or Microsoft Sway instead of Slate. Its a great way to be a digital story teller and Dice UP the Classroom.


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