Maybe Next Year

I have a confession to make, I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. Born and raise and even though I’m not a huge sports person, I love watching a Cubs game. As we know, the Cubs lost to the New York Mets dashing their hopes for the World Series (and Back to the Future II references). Many know that my friend, Josh Yang who passed away last week was a huge Mets fan, so I know he’s smiling some where. Now, while the Cubs fan in me was crushed like many others, it did make me think of something that would be great for your students. Perfectly titled: “Maybe Next Year”, which is based off the classic Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham Spider-Man story.

Those who don’t know, the book was about Peter Parker on the anniversary of his Uncle Ben’s death and instead of being upset he remembered the good times, going to the New York Mets game. However, every time they went, they lost. We all know that for years the Mets were not doing their best in baseball like many other baseball teams, but didn’t mean we didn’t root for your home team.
The assignment is simple, students choose a sports team, doesn’t matter if its baseball to hockey and they do research on why the teams took so long to hit championship status. They can do references from comics like I did with Spider-Man or even take real life interviews from family members or friends of the family. They can present it from a newscast to a Google Slides presentation. It doesn’t matter how they do it, its about learning research, organizing thoughts and applying it to culture. Give it a try.


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