Goodbye to Josh


Yesterday, late afternoon I received sad news that my former co-worker and friend, Pastor Josh Yang had passed away. I first met Josh in the fall of 2012 just after I had started work at Christian Life Schools as their technology facilitator. We had a brief introduction but it wasn’t until classes had started when the two of us started to get to know each other. We had some good times, usually involving solving tech problems or helping his children who were all students at CLS with their uses of technology in education. One of my best memories with Josh was during our Fall Retreat in 2013 when we were divided into groups to build spaghetti towers for a team building exercise. We both admitted that geometry was not our strong point.

  In my final year at CLS we did not see each other as much due to our schedules but I did work with his daughter, Melissa who currently teaches at CLS using iPad and other various Apps to teach her students. The week before I left CLS the two of us had a talk and he asked me if I was doing ok and if I found a new job yet. I told him I had been better and while I didn’t have a new job lined up yet, I did have a lot of potential interviews. He told me that God had more in store for me and while I didn’t see it at the moment, something better would happen and I would be much happier as a result. It would be the final conversation the two of us would have.  Josh was an amazing man, he lit up a room when he came in, always knew what to say to you if you were having problems and was a dedicated man to his family and to God. I will miss his smile and laugh and his charming personality. Goodbye Josh Yang, you were one of the best.


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