The Utopian School Minecraft Edu Project

Three years ago, a group of my students took the Utopian School project and turned it on its ear by creating it fully in Minecraft. Over twenty-two hours of work in two weeks, the amazing digital school was breath taking. Since then Minecraft Edu has really exploded in most classrooms that have either desktop or mobile devices with students. In fact, Minecraft is continuing to grow in all subjects in all types of school. It has really progressed from a simple Sandbox online gaming platform to what it is today. If you are thinking of getting into Minecraft Edu or … Continue reading The Utopian School Minecraft Edu Project

A year of change coming for the better


Many times we look back when the end of December and the year we have had and what our hopes and dreams are in the new year ahead. Today, I saw something a bit different, in a few days it will be November and if things have their way it means a year from now I should be either defending my dissertation or I should be at the very least be close to completing it. Since beginning my journey towards my doctorate almost four years ago. I have seen the end of each semester as one more step towards completion but it wasn’t until a year ago when I signed up for my candidacy exam that it became incredibly real.

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Hyper: Inspiring Videos for the Classroom

Originally posted on Jonathan Wylie:
Educator’s looking for great examples of digital storytelling, journalism, and video production should take a look at a brand new app called Hyper: Best Daily Videos. It’s one of my favorite new apps for the iPad and I am going to take a few minutes to tell you why, as well as share some of the videos you can expect to see with this new video app. I am currently taking some graduate classes as part of a Master’s degree. One of these classes is focused on filmmaking and digital storytelling: skills which I believe… Continue reading Hyper: Inspiring Videos for the Classroom

Create your own digital Bead Stories

I’m a bit advocate of creativity in the classroom and something I came across the other day was using bead artwork. Also known as square art, using apps like Google Drawing, Pattern Shapes or Number pieces. Students can create grids and then take various colors of square manipulative and fit them to create images. Have students create characters and images from the bead art. Then use apps like Google Slides, Adobe Slate, Canva and more to create their digital stories from them. The candle above would be part of how a candle melts. I have created the blue candle using … Continue reading Create your own digital Bead Stories