Fall in the Classroom


Its officially Fall or Autumn if you will. Of course while many students believe Fall starts when school is back in session according to the Equinox Fall begins usually on September 23rd. The change of Autumn always signifies the ending of something old and the beginning of something new. In my case, I start my new position this Fall and for many teachers and students its about knowing all the wonderful things that will begin with the changing of the seasons. So, here are a few ways to celebrate Fall in your classroom this year.

  1. Have students do a group Google Slides presentation, create an open ended Google Slide and have one student create one slide each for their favorite moments of the fall. You can then share this with the classroom and other classes when complete. Works fantastically if you are a One Device classroom.
  2. Create an moving infopic if you are an IOS classroom with Nutshell. Here is an example below.
  3. Love to create puzzles and all the changes that happen in Fall, create a Stick Around or Wordwall puzzle on how Apple picking begins or what you can do with pumpkins in the fall.
  4. Do a newscast using a Green Screen App like Touchcast or Doink on all the changes of the season, especially with sports.
  5. Have fun! There is no right way or wrong way to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. Be creative.

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