Freedom of Choice App Dice

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I was looking over Educlipper and Pinterest this morning when I came across students using Cross 10 models. For those who don’t know, Cross 10 is a math numbers game set up where you have a numbers board. A student or teacher moves a cut out cross template and takes those numbers and does something along the ten model, such as addition, subtraction, division, ect. The exercise is meant to give students a more random access for numbers that they choose and that’s when it hit me. We have these same models with Dice Templates like my App Dice.

I constantly heard that from students that they wanted to have more freedom of choice with their App dice but didn’t know what apps to use. I used to use a grab bag method where they randomly took apps out of a bag and then attached them to a die that had velcro or magnetic strips to them. However, I had more and more students want to have the apps set up on a board and then go from there. Enter Google Drawing, teachers or students can use a shared Google Drawing board to put in their favorite Apps or ones constantly used in the classroom. From there you an set up a dice template of your own using the Insert Shapes tool. Outline them and then put the dice template in a random order and then print and clip.

If you want to use more digital means still select the apps and then use a random name or number generator with those apps from Decide Now! to Random Access. This gives students control over their selection and still allow them to be critical thinkers with their lessons and projects too. Give it a try.


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