Exit Tickets made Awesome

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I was talking with some friends this weekend who were also teachers and they were asking me about what I plan on going to next since I’m currently looking for a new position. I told them I have some potential places but nothing yet. They then said that if I ended up in their area that I needed to show them some different assessment apps or tools. Well, I quickly took out my iPhone and showed them Plickers.

They then asked if they could use other Apps with it and I switched folders and showed them Word Swag and Photofunia. What I love about these two apps is not only the overlaying abilities of words on pictures but also putting images in awesome scenarios. Want to do an exit ticket on a fitness program. Put students in movie and billboard scenarios with Photofunia and then put the images into a Plickers question.

Want students to go over their weekly vocabulary words. Put them over images in Word Swag to show actions and situations. You can take both and put them into Comic Maker HD to make comic books that can be easily uploaded into Plickers and used on any device whether you are a one device or multiple device classroom. Make Assessment fun and awesome for your students. They only take up to 15-20 minutes to create and you can make them on your device as you go (mobile tech).



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