One Last App Dice Roll

If you have been following my Instagram feed, you will see I rolled one final App Dice set as I prepare for my final day on Friday. I like to share App Dice Rolls to see what others can come up with. I ended up receiving a few replies that asked what I could create with a random roll. So, let’s look at our Apps: Stick Around, Thinglink, Pyonkee and Periscope.

1. Using Thinglink, create a animation snapshot in Pyonkee and upload it to Thinglink.

2. Next, upload various Stick Around Puzzles into a cloud drive and then link it back into Thinglink. Students will download the Stick Around Puzzles and solve puzzles on movement codes from Pyonkee.

3. Take these codes back to Pyonkee and have students create their animations using the code orders they just solved. They can create many stories in Pyonkee from the Stick Around Puzzles.

4. Finally, show the results live using Periscope.

There you go, a lesson that teaches coding, critical thinking skills and project based learning. Give it a try today.


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