Stung by a STEAM lesson

It’s Labor Day Weekend and like many people I was cleaning up the house and the yard to get ready for some guests to come over. Well, during my clearing of our back steps I found a yellow and black stripped friend. Yep, a nest of bees and one didn’t waste time stinging me on my left hand. While I ran back into the house and made some baking soda paste to apply to my hand I was stung by inspiration. Yep, that’s right, I thought of a great STEAM lesson you can do with students. Here is how you do it:

1. Give a an emoji report on how bees work, living habits, role in the environment, endangerment and most of all, their defenses.

2. Next, explain how baking soda can relieve a bee sting and have have students make their own baking soda paste and apply it to their own hands. Then let it dry for a few moments and then when it does. Students can see the creases, cracks and patterns on their hands. Have them take a picture using the x-ray or mono filter on their devices.

3. After they wash their hands have them do a little research on why their hands have these markings that was shown better due to the baking soda paste.

4. From there students can create their own thinglinks on the different areas of their hands from pours to scars. Using direct links or pictures or videos to explain these areas of the hand.

5. Finally, they can tie it all together with the bees talking about how pheromones can attract more bees to attack threats after someone has been stung and best ways to avoid being attack by bees and why they need to be protected from colony collapse.

This ties everything in from science, technology, engineering, art and math. Give it a try today in your classroom.


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