Small Hope is Here

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Today, I am happy to announce that my second book, Small Hope is now available on Amazon and Kindle. As many of you know, I held a kickstarter this past spring to get the funded to see the book published but the story of Small Hope started many years ago, seven to be exact. In the spring of 2008, while I was still dealing from broken promises, job lost, debt and more. One of my guinea pigs, S’more was struck with a internal infection that he later died from. I was so heart broken that I got on my computer that night and in an hour, I had written a story I titled, Small Hope. It became the most viewed, commented and shared post on my old blog that week. Over 80 comments in fact. I even had some posters make some original illustrations of the characters and had them sent to me. Seeing this, I filed the original story away on my computer until late 2012.

During a meeting with some of my co-workers at my school, we decided to film an original movie using iPads and Green Screen and I decided to pull out the story of Small Hope and make some edits and turn it into a screenplay. We filmed the movie in the summer of 2013 in one day using nothing but iPads and a final edits on my main computer. The film was a huge hit with our students who then went on to make their own movies during class in the fall. However, my wonderful cast asked me if that was how I wanted to truly tell my story. I told them that I thought about making it into a children’s book and they said I should. It was during this time I was working on my first book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Following the release of the book and the positive reviews and feedback from it, I decided to finally bring the tale of S’more to everyone. Last fall I reached out to a friend of mine, Destiny who was more than excited to be the illustrator for the book. I launched a kickstarter in late March and it failed. I regrouped, made some cuts and changes and relaunched it again and we hit funding in a little over a week. Despite a successful funding it took all summer to make some corrections and we had a few set backs from bad print copies and edits but that all changed the other day. I received my proof and everything was just beautiful and as of today, the book is now able to be purchased on Amazon or downloaded on Kindle, with store distribution later this fall.
Many asked me why I wrote and worked so hard to see these books published because I get told they aren’t going to make me rich or anything. I tell them its because they are stories that need to be told. Both books tell the story of people who are lost, they have had set backs and tragedies in life and don’t know where to go from there. When it seems the world has caved in on us and we don’t know how to dig ourselves out and start again. Small Hope is the story of two friends, one who lost his world and the other who had her world shattered but together they find hope again. Children and adults deal with lost every day. It can be from the death of a loved one, a dividing of a family, moving to a new town, switching schools, ect. The world seems confusing and almost alien at times to us. In Small Hope, the character of Janice has gone through just that, but thanks to a very special guinea pig, she finds love and joy in her life again and as she grows up; she learns to find hope in the confusing times in her life and meet challenges head on. Which in turn brings S’more’s hope back leading them to a very hard decision by the end of the story.
Small Hope is a story that has happened or could happen to any of us at any given time. That through any type of tragedy or change in our lives we can rebuild and move on and find joy again and that is why this story exists. I want to thank everyone who made this book possible and to everyone who has supported its journey. The tale of S’more would not be here without any of you and now the story can be shared with the world.


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