My Final Stick Around Puzzle for now

You are probably reading the title and going: “What?” A week from Friday, I will be turning in my iPad and laptop and saying farewell to an amazing school that I have had the honor of working with over the last three years.With that said, my home iPad that my son uses is a Generation 1, and I will not be able to use Stick Around on it and I do not know at present when I will have my hands on a more current iPad to continue to my work on my favorite App. I’m currently still seeking employment and still haven’t found a match yet. However, something funny happened this past weekend when I was busy putting down accomplishments over the last five years and that’s when it hit me. Create a Stick Around Puzzle of what you have accomplished. Too many times our students or ourselves get hit by the hardships that come with life and we don’t see the good in our days. Sometimes, we have to look back to and see how far we have come and what we have accomplished.

So, for my final Stick Around Puzzle on my school iPad, I thought I would create a timeline on what I have accomplished as I move into an unknown future in the next week. What was so wonderful about this is not only how you can personalize this lesson can create a great student empathy lesson with it. Many students don’t know what their classmates like or what they might struggle with every day. Creating something like that gives a few into someone’s hobbies and passions that can in turn create amazing projects and lessons for a classroom. While I could stay here and list everything you can, I want to leave this up to you, the reader on what you would love to create in your classroom using Stick Around on an iPad. I want to end in closing a big thanks to Tony Vincent and the entire creative team of Explain Everything that created this App that I have just loved using day in and day out for almost two years. It has not only become my favorite App but also a favorite among my students and fellow teachers. While I know one day I will download this App again on an iPad, for now I have to sign off until that day comes when I can make it my own again. I hope everyone has enjoyed my various puzzles, lessons and creations I have shared with everyone on here and I plan on doing it again someday, and hopefully soon. So, as I sign off on Stick Around for now, I close with these words: “Don’t be puzzled, create!”


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