Teachers Pay Teachers with Stick Around for the One Device Classroom


As next week approaches faster, I was asked by a few teachers if there was a way to use Teachers Pay Teachers with any Apps on the iPad since they only have one or a handful of iPads to use. I told them that they could use it with Stick Around by Tony Vincent and Explain Everything.com. Something that I and my fellow classroom teachers have used the last few years are templates from Teachers by Pay Teachers can easily be used on the iPad. Most templates come in PDF to JPG or PNG format. Once you have downloaded your lessons from TPT you can import the images into Stick Around and create your puzzle for students. Below is an example for the upcoming firefighters lesson in PK where students will match the equipment with the firefighter or fire safety puzzle. Each puzzle can be solved by one student and then saved to the camera roll. This is wonderful because you will see the student’s name, how many times it took for them to complete the puzzle and on one date. This keeps a wonderful record of student assessment and can also be used as a introduction to a lesson.


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