Music Moves Us Ultimate App Smash

Hello everyone, if you have been following recent Instagrams you see that I rolled my multiple App dice to see if I could create a whopping nine-teen app smash and I decided to go one step farther using a final twentieth app in Google Drive. So, what did I create that you can too if you are IOS one device classroom? Yes, I said one device. Many know last year I started becoming an a big users of Teach like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and one of the hooks that hits me a lot is the Mozart Hook. So, I wanted a classroom to find that perfect song that moves them to learning.

Here is how it goes, the class will start with the main project being an ultimate music video for the classroom. What they love to do and their various passions when it comes to creating in the classroom. They will go into Notability and write down or record audio notes on their choices. From there, students get a vote, they will put their ideas they love the most in post-it plus and then move their passions into categories using the app. From there, students will be put in groups such as: filming crew, production crew, design, ect. From there, the production crew will create a mockup of what the video will look like using Hopscotch to create the order of the video using the coding patterns. Next, the design crew will create backgrounds to later use with Doink Green Screen using Apps such as Skitch, Word Swag, Picsart Photo Studio and Pattern Shapes.
Next the filming crew will take both the design and production crews’ notes and design and organized them for filming using Google Forms and then they can begin filming. The film crew can then use the App, Fetch to make live notes when needing them to change direction during filming or if they are off camera without verbally telling the students so they don’t have to worry about unneeded sounds or voices during filming. They can also use Tickle to pull out command directions like: “walk forward” “move right after 5 steps” ect. so students won’t have to be constantly told where to move or where they need to be, you just hold up the device and they can see the direction. To Dice things UP a bit, if you have any coding bots like Sphero, Parrot Drone or Dot and Dash, find a way to include them in your music video using Tickle and have them move to the groove. Once your filming has been finished and edited. Finish the main music using Garageband and overlay it into your music video about your classroom. Next, using Weebly, make a classroom webpage and use Flipagram to make teaser poster of your classroom music video and link them all into a main Thinglink poster that highlights the main features of your classroom. Once this is all finished upload the main links to Edmodo where students can do a live feedback and comments on what they love about it and what they believe would make it better. After feedback is gathered, make the necessary changes and then upload the final video on Google Drive and then embed it into the classroom Weebly page and then create a QR Code using a sticker label and post the sticker outside the classroom door so that other classrooms, teachers, and parents can scan in using i-nigma or related scanner Apps on their smart device to see what the class is all about. Visitors can then finally use Socrative to do an assessment of what they loved about the video and about what the class loves to do and what they would love to do to and provide feedback.
This works great for Open Houses, classroom exchanges and visits. Give it a try today with your one device IOS classroom.


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