Just One Word

Last night, my wife brought her Epilepsy support group meeting to a close after sixteen long years. She did this due to lack of participants and membership and has since started working with another group the last few years. We shared a lot of memories, dreams and hopes for the future before bringing everything to a close. Before we left, we talked about one word in our lives that means a lot to us. Of course, this inspired me for a great One Device Classroom project.

Many have seen me use Tweetroot on IOS, which creates word clouds from the most words used by someone on twitter or a hashtag as shown above. One of the biggest advocacies for Epilepsy Awareness is talking about it. In this case, the teacher would use create a word cloud from a hashtag around Epilepsy or an advocate for Epilepsy like Greg Grunberg or JJ Abrams. What words are most tweeted about? Then have students research the words, as you can see Purple Day is in the word cloud. Why is the color purple associated with Epilepsy Awareness? Why is November, Epilepsy Awareness month, ect.

Students then create reports based on those words. They may give a report on what Epilepsy really is, treatments for it and so forth. Maybe a student can get an Epilepsy Advocate to Skype or do a Google Hangout with the class. There is no wrong way to do it, it just shows the power of a word can drive so much for learning and understanding. Try it today.


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