I’ve been working on the Rail Road with Emojis

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday, continuing with my One Device Classroom I decided to backtrack a bit to the Emoji Classroom. The Emoji Classroom is where Emojis are used with students and teachers from grades to lessons. They work fantastic in schools that have one or a handful of devices available to the classroom. This weekend, I was at our local railway museum for A Day out with Thomas and I came across this sign. Many don’t know that homeless travelers, nicknamed: “Hobos” used symbols and codes on various trains and areas to communicate with others. Symbols such as an arrow pointing in one direction meant that a train was going one way. A mark of wolves meant that wild animals lived by the station. This was a form of communication for decades during the Great Depression to the late 70s and many still exist today. A great lesson is having students create their own codes using emojis to signify travel. You can use anything from a desktop computer to a mobile device and set up a board on Padlet or Google Drawing and then have students add in their emojis with their meaning below. Its a great way to teach coding and having students step back in time and as they say: “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes.” Give it a try today.


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