One Device Classroom: Favorite Apps Word cloud eBook

My Favorite Apps Wordcloud Book
Something happened a few days ago, I found out that due to budget cuts I was going to be leaving my job as of September 11th. Besides lost of salary and benefits it also meant I would have to turn in my school iPad and Macbook. While I was busy to send out resumes (I have an interview on Tuesday) I started thinking what it would be like just to have my iPhone on me for my lessons for the immediate future and then it hit me. I have been blessed the last five years to work in schools that had full one to one environments but many schools don’t have this luxury or opportunity, they have either one device, or a set of five devices or even just a computer lab for their mobile and online resources. So, I picked myself up and started working on lessons and projects you can do in your classroom on anything from IOS to Windows.

Above is a little project I did on a single iPad. One of my original lessons this fall was to have my students create a word cloud on their favorite Apps and list ten things they love doing with them using WordFoto and then make it into an eBook using Book Creator adding in their own titles, overlays and other related drawings. You want to know something? It works for a One Device Classroom as well. Have a students take one snapshot of their favorite Apps and then create their word cloud on it. You don’t have to use Wordfoto, you can also use online resources like Tagxedo, Wordle and more. Once one student has completed their App Word Cloud, save it and move on from there. After that, assemble your eBook with the Word Clouds, have students work on just their pages and then publish and share. To dice things up a bit, don’t just use an eBook creator, I used Adobe Slate with direct links and quotes with mine. You can use this in the Adobe Creative Cloud if you are a Windows School. On chromebook use Google Docs or Google Drawing or try Canva or Pic Monkey.

There is no right or wrong way to do it but with schools with limited devices and budgets, its great for an entire class to test critical thinking skills and be extremely creative. Give it a try today.


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