Word Cloud your Favorite Apps into inspiring pieces

With the Emoji classroom wrapped up and the school year about to start, I wanted to introduce this great idea for your students and your classroom. Earlier this year, I was introduced to the App, Wordfoto. This great App turns any photo into word clouds composed of 10 words that are no longer than twelve characters and can even use emojis. It was a big hit over at iPadpalooza in Texas this July. I was also introduced to the App, Word Swag by Tony Vincent and Felix Jacobin at The Mobile Experience 2015 back in June. A great App that allows you to overlay words and phrases in exciting ways to create infopics and posters. Something I’m doing this year is having students post one of their favorite things they love doing with certain Apps on my Padlet board this year and I thought to myself: “Why not turn this into something awesome.”

I have students take a snapshot of their favorite Apps and they have to put their Top Ten favorite things they love about the App and turn it into a word cloud in WordFoto and then give it an awesome saying using Word Swag or related App and then save them into a digital poster book using Book Creator. Why this works for IOS, you can turn around and use Apps and resources like: Canva, Pic Monkey, Tagxedo or Wordle to do the same. Its an amazing project and lesson and to really Dice things UP a bit. Have students then create a presentation on their word cloud creation. Give it a try this school year.


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