The World is full of Emojis

After my vidcast yesterday, I wanted to bring the Emoji Classroom to a close for the month of August with these two great ideas you can use Emojis with your students.

The first is a different take on filling an emoji in to a place. Instead of using a picture of say a table and setting it up using items like: ☕️🍮🍴. Trying make a daily verb exercise, like the first one with the emoji being allergic to flowers. This can be done with any overlay app such as Skitch to Pic Monkey. The other is showing the online resource, Wordwall and how it can work on any platform.

Next I used the iPad App, Word Foto to create a word cloud made out of emojis. You can do this with similar apps such as Tagxedo or Wordcloud where instead of using words to make a shape or object you replace it with emojis instead. The first is how reading books makes us feel using Feltboard to crate the picture and then inserted it in WordFoto. Next, was one made out of my son, Tyler and myself. Give it a try, its a lot of fun and a great way to use Emojis in the classroom.


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