On a Scale of 1-10 how Awesome is this Lesson

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.18.20 AM

As many of you know, my wife, Melissa had a seizure last Tuesday. She has Epilepsy and while we were waiting in the hospital for over 3 hours waiting to see if she could go home I saw the hospital’s pain meter next to me. Many don’t know, but I use to work for our local hospital and when I was working there we had adopted a similar system for our training sessions. We would use emoji stickers to show how much we like the training and strengths but was later abandon for the usual 1-10 scale before I left. They have since gone back to that system since emojis are considered more friendly than putting a number on something. I was asking Melissa what she thought of this and she said: “I think that’s a lot better than putting a number on it.” Even more ironic, I was watching Big Hero 6 with my son and Baymax who used the 1-10 pain system uses emojis. So, I thought this would be great for evaluations with students. In fact, most universal resources like, Kahoot and Riddle use Emojis for students to evaluate their lessons.

You can do the same with any polling system from Poll Monkey to Nearpod. Set your emojis for your scale: 1 for the lowest with a 💩 and 😍 for a 10. You can even leave it open so students can go higher or if they want to input their own emojis they feel are more appreciate. This gives a more visual to what students link of a lesson or project. Its very simple and can be done number of ways. Give it a try.


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