An Emojinal Story


Hello Everyone,

Something funny happened to me this morning, I woke up and I looked at the date and I remember it was five years since I lost my job that lead me to where I am now. Granted, I had already started on the path in March of 2010 when I decided to switch to education as my career but it was the lost of that job that lead me to where I am now. I decided to craft a story using emojis in Pic Collage and cleaning up in Halftone 2 on my iPad. I thought: “What an amazing lesson, I just came up with.” Have students talk about a sad story (Taboo Hook) but how they came out better as a result. Students and even Teachers can do a story lesson like this. Craft their characters with emojis, insert them into a comic program such as Halftone, Pic Monkey, Comic Maker HD, Google Drawing and have students organize their stories. They can be as short as long as they want, create stories that inspire because after all, even when it seems like things are at their bleakest, there are better days ahead. Have students inspire!


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