Emoji App Smash Infopic

IMG_3788 Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for your support after my wife’s seizure yesterday, it has been a hard last 24 hours but she is returning to her normal self. While I was waiting for the discharge papers, I was working with some manipulatables in the room and I ended up creating the above picture and put it with a picture we had from Bible Camp. I came up with a great idea in the process for the Emoji Classroom. Have students create their favorite App to use from manipulatables, legos or related building materials. Have them place it over their favorite animal. Then have students take a photo of it and add in Emojis related to the animal. In this case a brown bear showing its eating habits and what its tracks look like. From there, I would do a mini moving using anything from Chatterpix to Explain Everything and then upload it to a cloud drive like Google or Dropbox and then use a QR code to access the report since I-nigma is a QR reader. Give it a try with your students this fall.


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