A Farewell to Chris

11755707_10206252266762224_117021403625294956_n  Hello Everyone,

Today, I am posting about my friend, Chris. The guy above wearing the glasses in the middle, the picture was taken at our high school graduation in 1996. Chris passed away this weekend from organ failure, he was thirty-eight. Chris and I met in middle school and over the course of a few years we formed a solid friendship of nine with Brian, Steve, Dave, Joe, Nate, Scott, Birney and myself (Nate, Scott and Birney are not picture). We were a tight knit group, quoting lines from The Simpsons, talking about the latest episodes of Star Trek. Hanging out at our local Tom and Jerry’s, playing pool at NIU and other stuff a bunch of normal small town guys would do. We never got into trouble, we ranged from A-B students and pretty much just enjoyed life. Our group drifted in 1998 when Chris finished community college and joined the military and the rest of us got swept into life. Chris and I had a lot of fun together, he used to work for a local food store that my mother and I shopped at a lot and we always caught Chris during his shifts. I remember my mom being in the check out counter while the two of us talked and during my basketball days, Chris would lead the cheers when he could with our group.

The last time I saw Chris was just before I met my wife and the two of us had a wonderful hangout at our local Pizzeria when he was home from he military and we talked about old times. He said, I looked happy and wished me luck and that would be the last time we spoke until recently. Chris was funny guy who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and he was a good friend over the years. While I do regret we did not stay in contact more the last few years, I do remember the good times with him. He served his country and he was a good person but he wasn’t perfect and looking back I know he is looking down on all of us. So, Chris, while I know we won’t see each other again for sometime I just want to close by saying: “🖖🏻 Live Long, and Prosper my old friend.”🖖🏻


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