Emoji Classroom Exit Tickets

Playing Kahoot
Playing Kahoot

Its Wednesday, and usually the middle of the week brings on both the good and the bad during the week and why the term, “Hump Day” came about. It was late yesterday that my wife, Melissa was working on her new Nerium business (warning you now if you see me sharing) that her friend’s older boys came to play with our son, Tyler. After a couple of hours, the older boys wanted to play some games and I asked them if they had ever played Kahoot? The younger brother jumped in the air, he loved Kahoot but the older brother looked at me with a puzzle on his face until I told him it was like a quiz game you can play on anything from an iPhone to a PC. Well, he was then excited and I put up Kahoot on my Smart TV and I had the boys play along with my son, Tyler Emoji Classroom Kahoot. The Kahoot as set up using Emojis or questions relating to picking Emojis in a education setting. The boys age ranged 4-9 so my questions ranged from PK4-5th grade (Yes, are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?). The questions ranged from the phases of the moon, one that all three boys picked right in less than 3 seconds. To the 5 senses and Minecraft questions. The boys did very well only missing 3 questions out of the eight and then wanted to play it again. After a few more rounds I had them play Plickers next, something only my son had played.

Plickers Emoji
Plickers Emoji

I set up Plickers in the same way I set up the Kahoot. I used Emojis and related questions based around them. The one that all the boys loved the most were my Earth Science questions such as the cycle of the flower and the Pluto Flyby. Both Melissa and the boys’ mother were amazed at seeing the boys getting so excited over both Kahoot and Plickers and in turn both of ladies were trying to answer the questions themselves, they were so engaged and Laura, the boys’ mother said that was how she learned in school. She said her teacher wanted students to know what words meant not just to spell and also be able to visualize their learning. Something that the Emoji Classroom represents. There are a plethora of emojis to use ranging from sequences to mathematics that work perfectly with not just Kahoot and Plickers but also Riddle, Wordwall, Tiles and more. Give it a try and be sure to share it and speaking of sharing, I am going to share my Emoji Kahoot live on Periscope tomorrow at 12 pm central time (1 pm eastern). Come join in the fun and test your knowledge with Emojis Kahoot. It will be a Kahoot of 10 questions ranging from science to reading questions. I am making sure there is at least 120 seconds with each question to give players a chance to reading the questions and see the answers. I promise it will be a lot of fun. I’ll see you there.

Live on Periscope Thursday 12 pm central.
Live on Periscope Thursday 12 pm central.

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