The Emoji Vocabulary Story

With the basics of the Emoji Classroom explained, now begins a fun writing activity that will help students with their vocabulary. I talked about in my last post about using infopics to convey vocabulary words. Above I have two concepts, the first is me showing an example of the word: “Sour.” The other is an example of: “Before and After.” Using emojis. I create a set for the entire week and then at the end, students are to create a story based on the vocabulary words of the week. They can go about this in two ways. The first is to create a story from not only their words but also an emoji infopic that gives them a launching pad for their story. In my case, I used a picture of my family’s Yatzee Gameboard along with three emojis: A family, heart and a red fuzzy monster. Students then create their story from the words they have learned during the week. The first part is to create their story in both words and emojis and then transform it into a fully written story. This allows students to both visualize and understand their word and story structures and then learn how to tell their stories like a regular writing exercise. You can do this with any type of device from PC to mobile tablet. Give it a try today. 😎


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