Feed the App Monster

used bottle caps and recycled paper. Remember the 3Rs.
used bottle caps and recycled paper. Remember the 3Rs.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a few people online if there was a way to teach App Smashing to PK-Kindergarten students without using dice. It just so happens I was working with one of my PK4 teachers from a Pinterest post called: “Feed the Letter Monster.” The concept was that students were given a word that could be an: adjective, noun, verb, adverb, etc and they would have to take bottle caps that had letters on them and put them in a box that was dressed up to look like a monster. I decided to take this concept myself and over the last few weeks I had been collecting bottle caps from home, co-workers and family members. I took the caps and used some recycled paper to print out various Apps on each one and attached them to a side of the caps. You can also use marker in this case. I then took an old mini storage case and using some label makers and markers turned it into the App Monster.

Feed Me!
Feed Me!

   The concept works similar to the the Spelling Monster, the teacher will ask the student to find an App that they call out an example would be an showcase App (iMovie) they find it and then they feed it to the monster. Next would be a drawing App (Paper by 53), this continues for each student until all have taken their turn. From there, the App Monster is shaken up and then caps are taken from his mouth one at a time. I usually recommend starting with two caps first and then going from there. One set that my son chose was: iMovie, Explain Everything and Number Pieces. I created a math manipulative lessons on teaching students how to understand ones, tens, hundreds. I create the manipulative in Number Frames and take snap shots of them. I then pull them into Explain Everything, make the necessary edits and record a lesson explaining them in Explain Everything. Finally, I complete any final edits, sounds, etc in iMovie and then export the finished movie to my Youtube Channel to share with my students or even post on Remind for parents to see our upcoming lessons.

This is a great way to teach students Apps and simple App Smashes and also transform your classroom into a student lead one with younger students What’s great it also teaches how to reuse, reduce and recycle common items. You can also turn it into a lesson about how many bottles were used to create the App Monster and what it would do if it was used in landfill. Making an App Monster game doesn’t jus teach technology it promotes learning from many angles. Give it a try today.

Feed the App Monster today.
Feed the App Monster today.

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