Sometimes the timing is right and other times you have to make it yourself

Another 4th of July has come and gone and its Monday again, a new work week and a new day. While there are many amazing conferences and chats happening this week I had an interesting experience happen to me the other day. I bought a refriderator. Yes, you read right an every day fridge that I picked out with my wife at Sears that was on sale. They say that you are an adult when you get excited about something like a refriderator or a dishwasher or as my friend once said: “A brand new $10 leaf blower!” As much as we needed a new fridge this wasn’t the best time to buy one. Had nothing to do with the sale because it was a great price for what we needed but at the same time my wife and I are paying off some major bills right now. Not that best time to be adding another expense to the budget for the next few months but we have been needing a new fridge for several months now. I also had to buy a new printer for home and while it was on sale and I’m selling the old one to pay for the new one, that was another expense that does not fit into current times but it was necessary. Now, I’m not about to make an argument about need over want, we would be here all day but the timing to need these was now and not later or when everything was in a nice even row because we all know that rarely happens.

We all hear it constantly: “I don’t have the time to do this, I have: A, B, and C to do.” I constantly hear from teachers: “Where do you find the time for this?” “How can you be that innovative and still have time to tie your shoes?” “Now, isn’t the right time to do this because of: X, Y, and Z.” I should know, I’ve said it many times myself and something I have talked about many times is finding the time but its more than that. It’s also about making the time available to you. One of the biggest lessons we teach our students is that they can be creative in how they learn but sometimes we put a stop to that when its time to switch subjects or the bell rings. While we have given hours to students and teachers with Genius Hours and Edcamps there are moments where we don’t feel we have the time to utilize what we have learned. Something I have used great is when I’m working on something is during that time is to work in what I have just learned or be a bit more creative when I’m working my way through. Just last Tuesday I was working on a regular poster in an App and I said to myself: “Let’s see if I can maybe put this into Adobe Slate with and test out the glide feature with it.” I have to say I was amazed with what I created (I’ll share later). It was right in those moments that I found the time to use something I wanted to do but was taken away because of focus on other things that were a bit higher on the priority list. As a result, I have actually used the time not only wisely but also to help design a new sessions I’m working on later this summer that I will be using in a future vidcast. I even had one of our teachers working on exploring Educlipper a fews ago and went: “Hey, I’m working on something for the fall, let me try this with my new lesson and see what happens.” He ended up saying that he put the time into his lesson to explore a different avenue with what he just learned. That was making the timing right while he was using his own time he had.
This brings me right back to the refrigerator, while an necessary expense, how can you find a way to put the timing into the purchase when we are busy trying to balance out our home budget before September rolls around? It came actually to the fact that I’m selling off my Spider-Man 90s action figures and we are working on a garage sale in two weeks. We are selling off things to pay off those bills and paying off those bills does lead to us putting the payments into getting the fridge taken care of hopefully by the time Thanksgiving gets here. We decided to make the time now to get this done instead of waiting for some “perfect” moment to arrive. Well, here’s the news everyone, there is no perfect time, because there is no perfect. We throw the phrase around in our lives all the time and we don’t get a second thought when we use that phrase. No matter how much we see something have the best outcome even we couldn’t think of, it isn’t perfect in any shape or form, we just interrupt it that way. I had a teacher once try to pull off a Neared lesson that I did and they had such a problem with it, they gave up. They came to me asking what they did wrong because they did everything I did to the T and the students were ready to go. So what backfire? Their wi-fi was spotty that day and connections were not working for anyone. They then said: “I guess the timing wasn’t perfect?” I told them: “Try again and make it how you want it.” I never dropped the word “perfect” in there. Two days letter, it was a flying success and they even were worried because they had to squeeze it into an already crowded hour of the class but they made it work. Jim Rohn said it best: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” We sometimes just want there to be an excuse not because there really is but because we don’t see a way to put the time into it.
Many times we are in the right place at the right time and many times we wish we had never gotten out of bed. It happens, I’ve had many months of that over the last year but its seeing that there is time in our day when we want it. Even when we have a million other things on our mind, bills are due, lesson plans need to be drafted or an App just won’t update when we want it to. However, in each of those moments is another moment we can take hold and make ourselves. A drive to work can be a moment where we go over lines to a play. A way to test out a new App is about creating that lesson we didn’t think we could do before. Trying to pay off a bill is a window to see a purchase that is necessary to bring a simple comfort to our lives. We each have it it ourselves to find that right timing and we just have to look at the moment to really seize it. Its something anyone can do at any given time.


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