Happy Retirement to Mom

I decided to do something a little bit different today. You see, my mother is retiring tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th after thirty-three years at Northern Illinois University. Many don’t know that it was my mom that originally got me into computers and technology when she started working at NIU. I remember working on the original Apple II, doing some programing and doing digital drawings. This continued over the years as I worked with programs from Apple to IBM. I was always excited to be heading into our old school library that housed a whopping 4 Apple computers since my private school had received a grant to have the latest and greatest computer tech at the time. After all the Cold War you know. I have many good memories of visiting my mom’s office over the years and watching amazing publications and artwork come to life in digital media. I took these skills with me to school over the years and I even remember learning how to use the original Photoshop and the difference between gifs and jpegs in the mid to late 90s. As a result I hosted two well known webpages on Spider-Man and The Thunderbolts in the late 90s making them some of my the most visited comic book fan sites up until 2003 when I fell behind the times with webpage development.
However, I continued to learn from my mom, learning HTML, Adobe, email and more as I saw mobile technology begin to rise up over the last ten years and I ended up returning the favor to teaching my mother how to use new tech as she taught me. I know without my mom I would not be in the field I am today and I know raising two boys while holding down a full time job over the last three decades was quite the accomplishment herself and now she can look forward to some quieter days ahead of her. If you see her on twitter tomorrow, give her a: “Happy Retirement” for me. She has worked very hard and has earned this amazing accomplishment. Thanks again Mom, Happy Retirement, I love you.


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