Teaching students numbers, colors and beginning with Apps

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Over the last year my teachers and I found a great teachers blog known as: A Cupcake for the Teacher. My former vice principal discovered the website from Teachers pay Teachers and later we discovered her Pinterest board. I was doing my regular Pinterest viewing when I discovered the Rainbow writing exercise. I loved the idea but wanted to do more with it than just simple color with words and then I was talking with one of my teachers who was organizing her room for the summer and she had brought out her number flip board. If no one knows what this is, basically there are numbers on a board like a bingo card and when a number is called the student flips it over and gets a color. These colors can be used for prices or have to find something that is that color. Well, I was hit right there and then what to do and here is what I came up with using Appification.

1. Create the rainbow color cart as shown, each color has a different App to use that corresponds with the color.

2. Have each color randomly placed on a number flip board under each number.

3. Next, have students roll dice and either have them add or subtract from the numbers that come up. When they do, have them flip that number over to see what color they get.

4. Depending on the color they have to write the word using that App.

5. Repeat until all seven colors have been used and then finish the activity by creating sentences from the words they have written for a rainbow sentence.

Give it a try, this works with students practicing math, spelling, color and beginning App use.


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