A Long Journey for Small Hope

Greetings Everyone,

This is my last entry until after The Mobile Learning Experience 2015, which I will be presenting at in Arizona this week. Many of you saw on my social networks, especially if you were a backer that Small Hope, my second book made funding on Saturday. In doing so, the book will now be able to be published and will mark the conclusion of a seven year journey. Small Hope was written in one night seven years ago this coming Thursday after my guinea pig, S’more passed away from an inner infection. I was so heart broken by it I ended up going to my computer and in an hour I had written a thirty page story that I shared on my old blog at the time in 2008. After having such a whirlwind year in 2008 from facing unemployment, seeing a two year relationship come to a grinding halt, mounting debt and also some health problems I was having a time. It felt I was being kicked while I was down and hard. Yet, that night seven years ago, the story of Small Hope was born. The story post on my old blog ended up having over two hundred comments on the story and was one of my most popular posts ever. I ended up shutting the blog down in 2009 but I saved the story and then something very funny happened to me in 2013. I hadn’t been in my current position very long when one of my teacher’s classroom guinea pig passed away. The lost of Kaylee (the guinea pig) make me think of my story and I went home that day and pulled the story back up. It wasn’t long after that that Petunia, one of my student’s guinea pigs was brought into the school. Looking at her reminded me of S’more and all of a sudden I decided to dig my story back up and it was reworked into a student film, which is one of the backer rewards for my Kickstarter.
The following July, using iPads we filmed Small Hope and it turned into an amazing film that helped to lead to our full 1:1 program showing of just what could you do with an iPad. However, my friends and students who stared in the film asked if that was how I originally wanted to tell the story. A few months later after I had succeeded in funding my first book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader I went back to the story of Small Hope and here we are. Small Hope was a story that even seven years ago I wanted to see published in a full book but never believed it would happen. After what happened with the first Kickstarter with the book, it seemed that S’more would remain just a story that was written by heart broken owner in a time of mourning. Now, looking at all the support the book has received from everyone and knowing that soon it will be in the hands of many backers and readers I can’t help buy smile. The story of Small Hope was about finding hope when it seemed your world had shattered and you didn’t know where to pick up the pieces but if you have some hope in your life then you can start to rebuild which is the book’s main story. We have moments where it does seem that all is lost and nothing will ever be the same again but something tells us to pick up and rebuild which is what happens with S’more and Janice in Small Hope. As the tag line goes: “His world was destroyed and her world was shattered. Together they found Hope again.” I want to thank everyone who shared and backed Small Hope or gave me a: “keep going, Ryan.” through the journey. It has been a very long road but after seven years, Small Hope will become what it was always meant to be, a story about finding hope again, especially from the most unlikely places.


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