Why Small Hope needs to be published


Thirty Days can go by quick and twenty three days can go by faster. I’m in the final week of Small Hope, my second book on Kickstarter that I am trying to get published. Since relaunching the project last month, I have created over twenty-five classroom lessons, over twelve promotional shorts and over three hundred shares on all of my networks from Twitter to Frontback. To say it has been exhausting is an understatement but to see that I am only $160 from full funding proves it has been worth it. However, I’m still $160 from being fully funded. Many ask me why I do it outside the usual: “Follow your dreams.” Many who do kickstarter, GoFund Me or other crowd funding websites either have major success or major let down. Trust me, I’ve seen some book projects get almost half a million dollars and many backers are still waiting on their product. Then I’ve seen some who only need to raise less than $500 and have amazing projects. Just like any investment, you spin the dice. I will admit, over the last five years I have yet to have ONE disappointment in backing a project I have believed in. I have backed: Makey Makey, Molly Danger, Hello Ruby, Passion Planners, both the Reliques albums and more and never once have I said: “I wasted my money.” Sadly, I can’t really back any right now outside the second volume of Molly Danger due to finances. Something I am getting tired of talking about and I know many of you want me to talk more about education lessons with tech. Especially since that’s what I love doing, its my niche but writing is something that I also found a niche in. I was the kid up until I was 14 who hated to write. Was constantly told I couldn’t structure a story by many teachers or “had no original ideas.”

What changed? My eighth grade English teacher, she taught me how to write in different ways even though I believe my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Lambert got the ball rolling. He made me look for stories in-between the main stories. Such as: “The guy walking down by the sandwich shop, why is he there and what is his life like?” When I first started My Life as a Comic Book Reader, I wrote a story that was not only personal but was also inspiring and because it was a story that had to be told. Small Hope, which was written originally in one night officially seven years ago on my old Green Lantern blog. A story that became my biggest featured post for almost three months before I shut down the website a year later due to time constraints. Then out of nowhere four years later, the story came back and a group of very special people saw that it was a story that needed to be told and here we are now. I’m ready to bring that story to everyone but as we know, that doesn’t come cheap. Most of my funds go to my illustrator who is also getting married this fall and the rest goes to fulfilling the final costs and rewards from ISBE numbers to printing costs. I don’t get rich off the funding and it doesn’t go towards anything else but making the book possible.
Small Hope was created from the lost of a dear friend, a pet who helped me to make it through some tough days, especially in 2008 when I felt my life fell apart and reminded me that there comes a time to know when those who matter will be there for you through everything. That is the story I want others to read and for children to know things will get better when you feel your world has shattered. That’s why I believe in Small Hope and I hope everyone will join me by seeing it become a reality.

Small Hope on Kickstarter.com


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