The Goal today is to get Small Hope 100% Funded

Hi Everyone,

You read right, I’m dreaming big today, I really want to see Small Hope funded before today is over. That means finding enough backers to raise the final $230. That’s not a horrible number to get and I’ve seen many kick starters do it in less than twelve hours. Please help support Small Hope a wonderful story about two friends, one who lost their world and the other who had their world shattered who found hope again. Its ready to go in all digital formats from eBook to the student film my students worked very hard on. All available to download to your desktop or mobile device the day after. Yes, on June 13th, all backers will get their digital rewards. That is the day after the Kickstarter ends and the plan is to get everyone their hard copies just after the 4th of July. Destiny and I are ready to go. Please click on this link: Small Hope on Kickstarter. I completely understand if you cannot back the book but please share the project on your networks. After all, Sharing is Caring. Thank you everyone who has supported Small Hope these last few weeks, there is no way Destiny and I would have gotten this far without you.


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