Remembering Bailey

Yesterday, I received news from my mother that Bailey, our family dog for seventeen years had passed on. It was very sad news but at the same time he has been going through various health problems the last few years. The story of Bailey is an interesting one, he was the fourth litter to his parents, Jake and Kira, the dogs pictured above with my brother and I above in 1998. Bailey was always the “yapper” of the group, trying to out do his parents when people came over to the house. He went to live with my great uncle in late 1998 and then came back home in the summer of 1999 when Uncle Tony passed away. After that, he was always running around the house like he owned the place with his parents. It was so funny how rambunctious Bailey could be at times but also a very loyal and loving family dog. His older brother, Arnold who was the family dog of an old friend of the family would get together on occasion during summer events. It was so funny, Arnold was the calm and quiet brother and Bailey was the complete opposite. After over eight years both of their parents, Jake and Kira moved on in life and Bailey became the head of the household.
Despite Bailey being a lot noisier than his parents or his various siblings, Bailey continued to be a very lovable and loyal dog to the family. Including when my son, Tyler was born and I can still hear Tyler saying to this day: “I’ll have to let Bailey sleep and then I’ll play with him.” Very good memories. After almost two decades, Bailey knew it was time to go and meet up with his parents and his various siblings he hadn’t seen in years, especially Arnold. Even during the days when you wanted to run him out of the house, he was loved by everyone and we will miss him. Goodbye Bailey.


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