There is Good in any Bad Day

The school year draws to a close and while we all look forward to some rest and getting excited for our plans for the next school year we do reflect on the previous year. Well, I have a problem and it has been on going for almost five years now. You see, every time I get close to end of the school year something likes to happen to me like clock work. There seems to be that day where all the bad you can imagine just wants to show up. Its true, I can go back in 2010 and everything was looking great, I had a baby on the way, finances were in good shape, I was working on finishing my masters and then I was called into the office just as I was getting ready to call it a weekend. I was then told I was no longer going to be employed the moment I left the building. Flash forward a year later, I was working several part time jobs, I had just finished my portfolio for my masters, my family was healthy, I was just accepted to a graduate position to finish paying for my degree and then my stepfather’s health took a nose dive. 2012 rolls around, I have my masters degree, started working on my doctorate and then I was hit not once but twice with a failed certification test and my summer GA position was eliminated and my former mangers at another job I was working at were caught in a financial scandal. 2013, was repeatedly told to settle for a clunker of a home instead of waiting for a short sale or we would were going to have to move out of our current home. Just last year, I was diagnosed with cysts that were possibly cancerous and my wife lost her job of seven years. Then just the other day, I was slapped with a financial burden that doesn’t want to seem to end.
I’m sure some of you are saying: “Wow!” “That is tough.” and others are: “Well, cry me a river.” There is something good in those last five years. In 2010, I was able to take a job that and work an internship with my masters that would have been impossible if I had stayed at my previous job. 2011, my portfolio was accepted and I was accepted into the doctoral program at my college and I was lined up with a great GA position for it. 2012, I took my current position that I love to death. In 2013, we moved into our new home. In 2014 my first book became published and just yesterday I was told that I had passed my candidacy exam and now could move to my proposal for my dissertation. As the old saying goes: “Not every day is good but there is something good in everyday.” Sunday night I was just feeling drowned in everything, sure they say that things like this make life interesting but you don’t want to hear that you owe someone money that you don’t have, something breaks you really can’t afford to fix and no matter how many ways you look at it. You see something that just never wants to get better but worst.
However, Monday morning, I was on Voxer and someone told me to write down all the good things that have happened in the time all the bad has. Do they out number the bad? Do they make up for all the horrible stuff that happened? Are you alive and have a family? Something so simple that has been a base board for most classrooms for years. Is there good out weighing the bad? I can say that no matter how much I look at those bad situations and they are bad. There has been good and I survived and learned from them. I will admit right now, I am a little sick of the financial ones, seems if I stay in bed and don’t go anywhere, they would heal themselves over time but I do have to work. I do have to live my life. We forget that no matter how much success we have, when something bad happens no matter how minor, it can pull the rug right from underneath us lightning fast. Even with the woes of Sunday still hanging over my head and seeing just a little light bringing yet another temporary fix to everything in the next few days doesn’t mean it doesn’t hang over you. I just gave five years of some horrendous stuff that happened, not to mention what it brought with it such as moving in with my wife’s parents, depression, selling off of my collections, working some very low and I do mean low paying part time jobs. Being yelled at for smiling or being told I don’t know how the world works. Yet, I’m still here and its true I did learn from all of them even if no matter how much I learn I can’t seem to find the answer to fixing a burning problem for some time but you know what? One day I will find that answer.
The problem with Bad Days or even Bad Years they aren’t light, they’re heavy and come at you all at once and we feel the aftermath for some time even if you don’t always notice them. The trick is seeing that good, even if all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat a bowl of ice cream, however there is a good thing right there. There is ice cream to eat and you have time to process and move on with your day. Something I did for years when the day was just harbored with bad news is that I created. That’s how App Dice came about, that’s how I started to Teach Like a Pirate. While I know I give big support to Tony Vincent on this, one of them is making a Stick Around Puzzle. Trust me, my wife sees me doing it and goes: “Bad day?” However, I’m creating some good as a result of it. While I am aware that there will be another day or time I can’t think straight and the bad is clouding over me, there will be a moment I can breathe and think of the good that is there. So, always remember to do that. There is Good in any Bad Day.


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