My Stick Around Surprise

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Hello everyone,

I don’t know what is going on in your district this week but this is our last full week of school. Next week will be finals for us and then graduation is the following Friday. The end of the school year is here, that feeling of both joy and sadness. Last Friday, my fifth graders were sad to know that in another week there wouldn’t be a Genius Hour for them any more which they found to be upsetting than their final report. However, my kids decided to surprise me on Friday with several projects and I was happy to see that they were all Stick Around Puzzles App Smashed with Explain Everything, Google Drive, and Chatterpix. Here is a link to one of them. My fifth graders told me that they wanted to give me something special since I taught them so much the last year during Genius Hour and our regular classes. They are also looking forward to getting their one to one iPads in the fall and using what I taught them in their classes. I have to say that it brought such a smile to my face. Many of you know that between trying to get Small Hope funded and various financials that my family and I are currently going through. Seeing such a wonderful thank you from the kids just lit up my face. I want to thank all of my fifth graders for giving me such a wonderful gift and I look forward to all the learning they will do in the family as sixth graders.


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