Putting Hope in each other

Happy Sunday Everyone,

What a great Saturday we had, I want to welcome our five new backers to Small Hope, thank you for joining us in this journey. My family and I attended a wedding on Saturday for a good friend of ours. At the reception there were several bible quotes on each of the guest tables. The bride had them made up based on readings that helped her in life get to where she is now. Our table display was from Lamentations 3:24-26. The verse points out that when you put your Hope in the hands of God, then anything is possible. The pastor who was sitting at our table used it too and told our friends that they put their Hope in each other and that is why they are here now.

Small Hope’s main theme is about putting your Hope in someone when you feel everything has fallen apart. S’more puts his Hope with Janice and vice versa. Just before the pastor left for the night he talked to me and not only told me good luck with the book but also told me that I have put my Hope with the book with my backers and that is why it will succeed. Small Hope would not be possible without everyone here. Your incredible generosity and kind words are what make this book incredible. Thank you again and God Bless.


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