Please help support Molly Danger vol. 2 and Sidekicks

FullSizeRenderTomorrow I am relaunching my kickstarter for my second book, Small Hope to be published but today I am doing a promotion. This entire month, I am focused on using Comics in the Classroom and two I have used previously are Molly Danger by Jamal Igle and Sidekicks by Russell Brettholtz. Both books are in need of backing to get published by both creators. Molly Danger: Book One was an unmitigated success, Thanks to the Kickstarter community. The story is about a super powered 10 year old girl who has to deal with not only being a super hero but the downside to being a super powered kid who doesn’t age. She has only one real friend in the world and her group, D.A.R.T. views her as a WMD but need her to stop a group of super villains lead by the mysterious, Father who are set on destruction and a secret agenda that ties into Molly’s mysterious past. The Molly Danger team seeking funds to produce the second book in the series, which is currently short of 30K with only four days to go. Molly Danger book one was an amazing book I had the honor of supporting two years ago. I also used the story in the classroom comparing Molly Danger to the story of Peter Pan. A character who doesn’t grow up and is stuck being ten years old. However, where Peter was idolized by the Lost Boys and fought pirates. While Molly is idolized by the public, even having her own museum, she is feared by the group that uses her. The city sees her causing more harm than good with the amount of property damage that amounts from her battles and she finally gets her first true friend in 20 years in the step son of the newest member of D.A.R.T. who sees Molly as a person and not as a weapon.
I also used the book to share comparison budget problems and financial situations that can result from law enforcement and criminal actions in cities and how true to life it can be for those who uphold the law and bring in the bad guys but then get situated with fines and public outrage for just doing their jobs. Jamal and inker Juan Castro who is a good friend of mine also contributed to the pages of my first book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Please help support Molly Danger in any way by click here.
With Sidekicks by Russell Brettholz which is located here. Sidekicks follows the lives of five super-hero sidekicks as they get mistreated by their respective heroes and ignored by society. I was a supporter for the first issue of the four part series and I have to tell you, this series really hit me. Too many times in life we do our jobs, put in the effort and sadly someone else either gets the credit or we get passed over for all the amazing things we do just to make someone else’s life better. Sidekicks really hits you right from page one deal with depression, life throwing you curve balls and everyone thinking you aren’t good enough compared to others when in reality you matter just as much. Issue 2-4 even focuses on on Super Villain sidekicks who might be getting just the same treatment as the Super Hero Sidekicks. The series turns super heroics on its ears so much. The main super heroes might come off as jerks but when you look at it, they are victims of the public decoration of them and basically stuck with the classic super stardom that a lot of people can relate too. How quickly someone can forget how much the worked to get where they are now or came from when all of a sudden they are the center of attention. I’ve used issue one to teach about union organization since the Sidekicks decide to go on strike at the end of issue one. Oppression and second-class citizen reflection. With only 60 hours left as a type this left for the kickstarter, this is Russel’s second attempt to get the final set of his series published and he is only $1,300 away from his goal. That is really, really close, please share or support if you can. Thank you everyone.


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