52 App Card Pick UP

If you have been watching my social networks today, you can see that I have created something new with my Appficiation Games (Gamification with Mobile Apps). Besides dice I have been a gamer for years with board games, dominos and cards. I was going over some pinterest pictures of Gambit who is one of my favorite X-Men characters in comics and I came up with a great idea. Using card games for not only App Smashing but also professional development with teachers and students. Here is how I created and use them.

1. I used Google Draw to create create my card templates and made my card sets (There is no Joker in this deck, sorry Bat Fans). One side contains a QR Code where students and teachers can scan it and either be taken to training tutorials by me or the App websites or to a cloud service to download examples of the App. I color code all cards from Ace to King in all sets: clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. You can code them however you want.

2. From there I put the cards on a Google Doc and resize them to be as small or as big as I want. I can usually print out a set in seven pages from Ace to King.

3. I then print the cards out and cut them out and use the dark border to fold and glue the cards together before I laminate them. You an use either paper or card stock depending on what you prefer.

4. Finally, I trim the laminated cards out and also print out a card box holder and assemble it and you have a set of cards ready to go.

5. You can use the cards however you want, have students play War and create a basic App Smash from the two cards picked. Randomly draw a set of cards and place them together or try to make App Smashes from card sets like a Royal Flush or straight. You should try Double Down with these cards, it gets very interesting.

6. I have a color set that is augmented with Aurasma. When the card is viewed by the App, a video of the card appears making it look like it has come to life. The card either gives instruction or talks about the App. You should see my students’ faces when the card starts talking to them.

There are tons of ways you can use App Cards and if you want to do digital instead of physical you can use Quizzlet, Google Cards and more to add a set of random selection to them. You can create any mix or match and use them in hundreds of ways. Get your Game On!


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