Infopic Comics

Hello Everyone,

It’s time to kick off another week of Comics in the Classroom and do I have one for you. If you read my previous post about Learn like a Pirate. You see that I was hit was a bit of inspiration to relaunch Small Hope later this week on Kickstarter. It also made me revisit Tony Vincent’s Infopics Lessons and my Blackout Poetry lessons from a few weeks ago. A picture is truly worth a 1,000 words but a Comic of Infopics is worth more. I have talked about using Skitch along with Evernote to take daily articles from Pocket and create Blackout poetry from them. However, I wanted to go a step further.

1. Use Pocket or Reddit to look into daily news articles on local and world news but then also set it to include comic book news. Avengers: Age of Ultron is huge right now and Ant-man is just around the corner so look for articles from those.

2. Read the local/world news articles and then create a comic page from the articles that fit in with with the comic book news. As you can see above, an artist created a type of Color Poetry using an article about woman’s rights and used Wonder Woman as the story page. I have seen similar ones using pages from To Kill a Mocking Bird and an ink Atticus Finch silhouette from his closing argument’s page from the book. You can do these masterfully in Skitch which will save automatically to Evernote or create the character using Paper by 53 or related sketch apps and then change the opacity and insert them together in another program.

3. You can also create your own character using Strip Designer or Bitstrips and use words and hashtags from the articles to create a series of infopics and then assemble them as a finished comic story. As you can see above, I’ve used Janice and S’more about the relaunch but I have also done several quotes from the book and related links in a book creator eBook back in March that told the main themes of the story from those pages. I had a lot of students go home saying: “I used that story to help my sister feel better while they were sick.”

Give it a try today and see what creativity and learning your students or yourself will unlock.


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