I Glide with my Little Eye


Growing up in the 80s and 90s there was one type of tech I always wanted, that was the special watch that Penny from Inspector Gadget and Dick Tracy had. We now have that in the Apple Watch (do want one very badly) and other related smart watches like the Pebble or Samsung. In the last week since the release of the Apple Watch I have had three students get one and I have had a few schools where majority of their PE students also received one. I do see the trend continuing with wearable technology and I see it becoming a part of the classroom. So, yesterday as I was finishing up for the day I did my App Dice challenge where I pull some of my various App Dice out and roll them. I pulled out my Apple Watch App Dice and had Glide come up and then my Ako App Dice rolled Stick Around and boy did I come up with a great lesson that works with Comics in the Classroom.

1. Using Stick Around, create a set of puzzles that relate around various areas of your classroom or campus that tell a story. An example would be a school statue of a person. A Stick Around Puzzle can be created using the Timeline Template to create the history of the person. Set these up for download through a cloud service like Google Drive or Box.

2. Elect a group leader for a set of groups and put the smart watches on them. They then watch a video text through Glide on the watch. (Make sure this is set up with your teacher account to avoid spam).

3. The students then seek out the video messages in a type of scavenger hunt and then see where they can download the Stick Around Puzzles. You can also use iBeacons for this since it will directly connect through blue tooth in case you have limited wi-fi at your district.

4. Once students have completed their Stick Around downloads and completed the puzzles, they have to save it to their camera roll and then the next Glide message will be given for the next coordinated.

5. Once this has finished, students must take their completed Stick Around Puzzles and create a comic book using any Comic creation App from Book Creator to Explain Everything. I love using Explain Everything because you can have it leap off of the completed puzzle photos into a full motion comic. To add a little something extra. Use the Explain Everything completed motion comic and then use Aurasma to set up the various places where the Stick Around Puzzle were downloaded to show the motion comic with a tagged item. Its great for parent night or an open house.

There you go. Have fun.


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