Post what makes a hero

I was putting together some Plickers ideas when I was looking over some notes from Paul Solarz Learn Like a Pirate book. I love it when students create their own assessments and reflections and what I wanted to do was create something fun with my Comics in the Classroom and take advantage of not only wearable technology but also with social networks and teaching good digital citizenship.

1. Have students create one question each on what makes their favorite hero a hero. Have them turn in their questions to the teacher.

2. Have the teacher make up a Plickers assessment multiple choice on the hero and see who can answer the most right.

3. Have students take the most used words and put it on either Post-it Plus App on their devices or write out the one word that sticks out the most during the Plickers activity on a post-it and attack it to a wall.

4. Using Tweetroot, put those words in for a hashtag and see how often that word not only appears but what other words come up as a result.

5. The next part is using a Twitter alert on those specific words coming up on a daily basis and then students seeing new words that show up with the association.

6. Have students create a word cloud art using the said words that form the sellout of their hero choice and then present it to the class. They can even take an article and design their hero around the words that the hero relates to the article with. Give it a try.


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