Running with Pages of Evernote


Hello Everyone,

I’m pulling double posts on this Tuesday morning and I’m going to kick it all off with a great App Dice Apple Watch roll. I have two seniors who just recently received the Apple Watch as an early graduation gift and Wednesday is our annual Track & Field Day. We are planning a lot more PE Tech activities with iPad and GAFE in the fall and I thought we would do a great test since we are big users of Evernote in middle school and high school so I rolled by App Dice and look what I came up with.

1. Since Evernote is on all platforms from the Apple Watch to Desktop, we decided to have our students do a relay during Track & Field with their watches monitoring their performance. After the run, they check their results and then do some notes about the results to Evernote and let that synch with the main system.

2. I threw in a little change with creating an IFTTT recipe where Evernote is also stored in the students Google Drive so it can be shared later with the class.

3. After that, the students create a performance evaluation on Pages that they then send to our PE teachers.

4. The PE teachers check the results and then assess their own performance review of the runners. They then create a quiz using Plickers and and have students answer on the results and ways they could improve.

5. For an added bonus we are having some students taking burst photos and using Uber to observe performance and sharing it with the runner on their Google Drive.

Give it a shot today.


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