I calculate a sticky situation

Happy Monday Everyone,

If you were watching my twitter feeds on Friday you can see I made some new App Dice around the Apple Watch. A good friend of mine is an early adaptor of the Apple Watch and another friend of mine already has a hand full of students with them. Well, I rolled the dice with my Comics in the Classroom theme today and do I have a fun App Smash for you.

1. Set up a group of questions on Plickers. The question set? “Why do Super Villains commit crimes?” Give the multiple choice of answers from: “Needing money, bad situations, death of loved ones, ect. Use the Plickers Dice for a group activity so that the group leader who answers will set up the groups choices for their story.

2. Once your choices have been made, switch on over to Calcbot. I’m sure you are thinking: “Ryan, what does a basic calculator app have to do with super heroes?” Oh, it has a lot to do with things. You see, for student groups who answered: “Super villain needs money.” Students have to figure out daily living expenses for a villain that lives in said city. If a super villain lived in Chicago, what is the costs for rent, food, etc. If the super villain does his crimes for fun, have students do conversions on different class of people. What is the average money of a villain who might make as much money a partner in a law firm? This will require students to step outside the box on thinking with comic book stories. They will have to do some research on the different life styles as they calculate the life style expenses.

3. Using Stick Around, create a sequence of four puzzle. Have the students craft a story board on their story and then upload it to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox but as an editable puzzle.

4. Finally, students will download the various puzzles and craft a Super Villain story using a Sequence of Nine template to create a finished comic book story strip using pieces of their classmates Stick Around Puzzles.

This teaches group collaboration, brainstorming and story sequence structure. Give it a try today, after all, the super villains have more fun than the heroes… sometimes.


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