Plicker my Super App Dice Adventure


In a week I will be at Ed Camp Chicago talking how to Tech Smash like a Pirate. Where I integrate technology with Teach like a Pirate and Learn like a Pirate hooks and lessons. I decided to tease everyone this morning with the above picture of a Plickers die along with my App Dice. So, how does this work you may ask? Plickers is a great formative assessment using cards you can print out after you sign up for a free account on their website. After you have set up a classroom and assigned the card numbers to students, you ask the student a question and they hold up their card with the correct answer letter on the top. The teacher than scans the room with their mobile device to see if the student has asked the questions correctly. However, as you know me I did something a bit different and it plugs into my Comics in the Classroom lessons.

1. Add the Plicker cards to a dice template and make sure the dice are numbers 1-6, another 7-12 and so forth. Put your students in groups of six. They then have to roll the die and the number that comes up on top will be the answer leader for the group. The teacher then asks the questions and the selected answer leader will work with the group to get the right answer and then hold it up. These questions can be as simple as: “What is the largest body of water on the planet?” or: “What animals is the top of the food chain in the African Savannah?”

2. If the student gets the answer right they then have to roll an App Dice and then create a lesson with the App that comes on top. This keeps going until each member of the group has answered a question on Plickers.

3. The students then have to create a comic book story based on the answer to the question using the App they have rolled. IF they answered the questions about how they American Flag has 13 stripes on it and then get Keynote. They have to create a powerpoint about the 13 stripes and do it like a comic strip from slide to slide. If a student gets Stick Around and talks about how a forest fire starts. They use the Time Line template to create their Stick Around Puzzle and record their voice for each part of the story. The player then has to assemble the story in the correct order to hear the full story in order.

This teachers group work, App curation and gasification, give it a try today.

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