A Super Hero Tale Pops to Life

A few days ago, my art teacher had my 1st graders create their own super heroes (we worked on this idea together). The kids had to make themselves super heroes and have amazing powers. Some of my favorites were: “Ice Cool: I have ice powers.” and “Dolphin Swim: I rescue people from drowning and I can control water.” I told the kids they can make a story using their iPads from it and they ran to their desks and started and here is how:

1. Taking a picture of their super hero they then went to Paper by 53 to draw more pages digitally and then saved them to their camera rolls.

2. They then went into Popplet and imported the pictures together and made a story chart with their various adventures.

3. They then uploaded to our shared folder on Google Drive and we had super hero tales tales to share with everyone.



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