What makes a Hero?

A good question that my students have been asking me the last couple of weeks. They know a hero can be their parents, a volunteer or even a rescue worker. However, they sometimes don’t know what makes a hero or what actions they have to do. Well, this is Comics in the Classroom month so you can bet I came up with a few ideas you can do.

1. Have students name a hero of theirs, I’m not talking about Spider-Man or Kermit the Frog. I’m talking about one person that they always see as a hero to them.

2. Have them brainstorm ideas on what makes them a hero. They can create an infopic on the person, use Poppet to create some mind mapping ideas or simply just write it down.

3. Next, have the students create a full comic strip, there are plenty of Apps to do this with from Google Slides to Comic Book Strip maker. Have them tell a story on why this person is a hero. If they have a large story to tell, have them use Book Creator or Google Slides to make a full eBook about the hero to share with the class.

That simple, a hero in their lives given comic book form. Give it a try today.


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