Final 48 Hours for Small Hope

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Greetings Everyone,

If you have been following along the last month, you know I have been on Kickstarter trying to get the funds needed to publish my second book, Small Hope. Well, if you have looked you can see I am $1,900 from the funding goal and with less than two days left it is very unlikely I will meet this goal. I was actually in a conversation with some people the last couple of days asking how come this book did not meet its goal by now. I told them: “It just doesn’t have the interest.” Its true, I have seen many Kickstarter and Go Fund Me campaigns that are fantastic and while they gardner my interest they don’t for others. My wife even said I should have waited until the summer to launch it when people have money. I turned to her and said: “Do we have money during the summer?” She answered: “No.” It is true, any type of crowd funding campaigns are all about timing both during the year and who you know. Many successful ones have been launched at peak times which are around now once taxes are filed and returns come in. During the fall when everyone has recovered from the summer and when its on subjects everyone cares about.
Many asked me if it was because people think you are going to pocket their money and run and I tell them by now they should know I wouldn’t do that. I have had two successful ones for a Little Free Library and my first book, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. I did have one fail but it was due to the time of season being around Christmas. When I relaunched My Life it was just as tax season was closing and I had a lot of support from family members who gave to it and shared. With Small Hope, that didn’t happen but I had a lot of support and backers from my illustrator, Destiny’s family which has made up most of the funding until now but as stated, there is still $1,900 left and statistics and history has taught me, this isn’t going to succeed.
I really don’t like giving up on things but as they said, its harder and more braver to know when to walk away. Small Hope is going to get published but it will be through Amazon Createspace in softcover format and I’m selling off my entire DC Comics collection to pay Destiny for her work. With that, the publishing fees will all be cover and the book will be out in the world. My original $2,500 goal was to get a hard cover format for the book and get it out on wider distribution and stretch goals because I did have a publishing company interested but I didn’t have the money to meet their publishing fees but I was hopeful if I did make it within two weeks I could make it to that goal and really see the book out in the world in an amazing way. Sadly, S’more is just not meant to go that far and I do not plan on relaunching the book on Kickstarter.
I’m burned out. I have had a lot on my plate since launching the book. I had unexpected bills come in, I have been working on revisions for my candidacy exam so I can write my dissertation for my doctorate. I had a family member pass away and I have repair costs coming in for my home right now. I really have a huge pile on me and despite my best efforts, Small Hope was hurt in the process. It wasn’t anything I could do about, which is what makes it better in the long run. A series of unfortunate events that I have to learn to over come and move on with my life. I do want to thank everyone who backed, shared and helped to support the world of S’more for Destiny and I and I do hope to have good news on the release of the book in some form in the next few months.

Thank you and God Bless.


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