Toontastic Comics

Hello Everyone,

The school year is coming to a close and I have learned over the last few years that most students are thinking about more creative ideas as the school year comes to a close. They are focusing on creating outdoor projects, going on actions and having fun. I thought now would be a great time to start my Comics in the Classroom. Along the ideas of Reading with Pictures where comics are used for education. I thought I would create the use of comics in the classroom using technology. My first lesson is a very simple one to use using Toontastic or Puppet Pals 1 & 2 on the iPad.

1. Have students create an project using Toontastic or Puppet Pals about the adventures of one of their favorite cells. This can go from planet cells to antibodies. They can create the characters using either Toontastic or Puppet Pals from drawing or putting themselves in the story.

2. Have them build the story as motion comic using either App.

3. Have them build the adventure in chapters similar to comic book issues. Don’t just make one movie and be finished with it. Have them make the stories 2-4 parts. This teaches students to create plot, focus on story creation from beginning to climax.

4. Have them share it with the classroom and upload it to video resource so they can view each chapter like a real comic.

Give it a try today.


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