Fly like a Bird

Today marks the end of my Get Outside Edu lessons and projects and I saved the best for last. A couple weeks ago, my kindergarten and PK kiddos started their spring to summer crafts. They are big users of Aurasma and QR Codes. Later this week my students are going outside to do research on the various birds in the area and do iMovies about the birds they see and why they are their favorite. I thought it would be great with Grandparents’ Day coming up to augment their reports for their parents and grandparents to see.

1. This is pretty simple, student use the iBird App to do their research on the various birds they see.

2. They then compile a movie using the information and this can go as far as PowerPoint to full interactive video.

3. They then tag their craft birds on a call board tree with Aurasma with the said videos. They can add hyperlinks to websites or Stick Around Puzzles for their parents or grandparents to learn more about their birds.

4. Finally, the teacher makes sure everything is set with target images with each bird and away they go.

This is a fun and interactive lesson for both students and parents and grandparents. It takes a total of three days to complete. Give it a try today.


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